John Wayne and Jesus

As a kid you want to be tough.  When I was a kid there was no tougher man than John Wayne.   I was born in 1981 so John Wayne’s movies were before my time but I liked what my dad liked so that meant before I was a teenager I had watched every John Wayne movie multiple times.


JohnWayne could take on 100 Indians and win.

John Wayne could out shoot every bad guy that ever lived in the west.

John Wayne could give any beautiful woman a kiss at anytime and she would always like it even if she didn’t want it.

John Wayne could be shot multiple times and still find the strength, through sheer courage and determination to whip whatever bad guy was in front of him.

John Wayne could make a man a child by the mere force of his words.

John Wayne could have a man cowering down to him with a simple stare.

John Wayne taught Chuck Norris what it meant to be a bad dude.

When I was a kid John was the epitome of what it meant to be a man.   As I have grown I understand that there is a much greater example of manhood than John Wayne and His name is Jesus.

John Wayne (The Duke) communicated a few things to me as a child.  MEN ARE TOUGH.  Men are not afraid to fight.   Men stand up against what is wrong.  Men fight for what is right.

Jesus teaches us many of these same truths but gives a more complete picture of what manhood should look like.

The Duke was always tough but rarely tender.

Jesus was tougher than any man, even to the point of death on the cross but was so tender little children wanted to sit on His lap.

The Duke was always in charge and rarely took advice from anyone.

Jesus had all authority yet submitted Himself to the will of God the Father.

The Duke knew what he wanted and would beat up or shoot any man that got in his way.

Jesus knew what He had to accomplish and would love and lay down His life for the sins of the world.

The Duke never served anyone.

Jesus came to serve and not to be served.

The Duke rode a brown horse.

Jesus will ride a white horse.

Being a man is more than being tough and being able to take charge.   Being a man is about being a humble leader who takes responsibility to love and serve.  I want to be more like Jesus than John.

This YOUTUBE video makes me think that maybe John Wayne was a compassionate man in his real life.