Whether Hillary Or Donald, I Am Not Moving To Canada

Canada is cold and they talk funny…eh.

As the election year has drawn on and seems to never end most of the American public is growing very weary. This has proved to be an election of the lesser of two evils. I don’t think either party is particularly proud of their candidate. But here we are with the choice between a colonoscopy and a root canal.

Elections matter but in God’s great cosmic plan they don’t matter as much as most people think.

I vote to end abortion. I vote because I love the foundation of the country in which I was raised.   But this election has been clearer than any election to show Christian people in America that our hope is not in our country and our hope is certainly not in our politicians.

The worst thing that has come out of this election is not the scandals that plague the Clinton camp or the indiscretions of a billionaire.   I don’t think that any of the scandals that have come out have truly surprised anyone. I think both sides manufacture surprise in order to hate their opponent and get more votes. No, I think the worst thing that has come out (or perhaps the best thing that has come out) is a revelation of the soul of the Evangelical church in America.

I have felt very let down by some of my faith heroes. I have seen many men that I have looked up to and read their books quickly throw their support behind a man that embodies much of the “Spirit of the World.” I understand that we are not electing a pastor or a Sunday School teacher, but it is the hypocrisy that has hurt the most. For years the church has claimed that morality matters. We have stood against immorality.   It seems that so many leaders had already jumped on the Trump train that they are now riding it over the cliff. To be real honest I despise what Hillary Clinton stands for. She promotes evil at its very core. For a candidate to say in a debate that she will appoint Supreme Court Justices that will uphold abortion and the marriage of same sex couples is troubling to me. To murder children and dismantle the foundation of home life will continue the moral decline our country is in.

While I may agree with more of Donald Trump’s policy positions I will not try to defend his indefensible behavior. He is full of himself and is a man that, no matter how you cut it, has a problem with how he treats women. They seem to be more like property to him than people. Women are just another commodity that he can buy and sell.

So what? What are Christian to do?

I would not tell you who to vote for. I hope you pray through that and God leads you to the right decision.   I think there are some lessons God’s church must learn from this election.

It Is Not In Likeness With Christ To Desire To See That Other Side Suffer — I have seen so much hatred come out of Christian people over this election.   People want Hillary to “get what she deserves” or they want Donald to be “taken out.”   These attitudes are nowhere to be found in the words of Christ.   Jesus taught us to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. Romans 12 tells us to bless and do not curse those who persecute you.   The Bible also tells us not to repay evil with evil but evil with good.   We never win over opposition by continuing to shout back at people that disagree with us. American Christians seem to be looking for a fight. They want someone to lose.   Jesus told us that we are to lay down our lives for others. That was the model He chose. He changed the world not by the sword but by His death.

You Can Disagree With Someone And Still Be Their Friend — So many people get hatred in their heart for others when they find out they are supporting a candidate that is different than their own.   It’s OK.   You can disagree with people and not get mad. So you don’t understand how someone can have a view different than your own. You can still be kind to them. There is never a good reason for a Christian to be unkind.

The Sun Will Rise The Morning After — It may make you sick to have to say President _____________________ is now in office.   I can pretty much assure you that the sun will still rise. Your spouse will still love you. Your children will still need you. Just because the Country may be going to hell does not mean that you have to.   If the good Ole USA gets further away from Jesus as a Nation it doesn’t require you to get further away from Him as a person. In fact, I would argue just the opposite.   When we are squeezed what is in us comes out. If we are Christ followers the aroma of Christ will come out as times get harder and the culture in general goes farther away from the teachings of Jesus. It may be harder to be a Christian but throughout history the church has always grown and flourished in times of persecution.   So the day after the election I recommend you get up, read your bible, pray, kiss your spouse, hug your babies and love your neighbor. No matter what happens on the outside, NO ONE can change Christ in you.

When Something Is Evil Call It Evil — What a depressing day when Christians try to defend that which God will not defend.   Better yet, when we try to defend that which God calls us to speak out against. Objectifying and groping women is wrong.   Lying and committing treason is wrong.   Killing babies is wrong.   Just say it and don’t try to act like because your candidate did it that somehow makes it ok.

When a new day was coming in Israel God told Joshua to not be afraid. He was not to be afraid because God was with him. In Psalm 56:11 the Psalmist says, “In God I trust; I shall not be afraid. What can man do to me?”

2 Timothy 1:7 “For God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and love and self control.”

Christian you need not fear the future because this election is in the hands of God.   He is the one that allows politicians to rise and fall.  He did not put the USA in His Bible. There will be a time our nation will fall. I hope it is not soon, but I trust the Lord that as for me and my house we will serve the Lord. We may lose everything but no one can take the greatest treasure, because He is in us.



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