The other day I was returning from lunch with a co-worker and walking back to work in the downtown area of the small, southern town in Rural Georgia in which I live. As we were walking there was an older gentleman walking in front of us that stopped us and said as he pointed at a young black man driving a Mercedes on the downtown street, “I imagine he probably got that selling drugs.” It shocked me that this man had such extreme prejudice in his heart for a young man that he did not know nor did he know anything about. He felt the need to stop two strangers on the street in order to tell us that he believed that the young man in the car got the car through criminal activity. He was young and black, so therefore, he had to be a drug dealer.
As I walked to the office and drove home later in the day this incident really bothered me. It reminded me that racism is still alive and well.
Just a few days earlier I was in a meeting and an older white man commented about two young black men that have been attending the church. The way this man said what he said made me almost gasp. He said, “Who are these two boys that have been coming to church with their pants down past their butt? Who are they?” These two young men are fine young men that are growing in the Lord, but this was not the focus of the question. The man seemed to show not concern for the spiritual well being of these young men, but contempt for their race and culture.
It breaks my heart that people don’t see others as the valuable special creation of God. He specially designed each one of us and He deeply loves and desires relationship with every person. It breaks my heart even more that this attitude is present within the body of Christ.
If you are reading this and thinking how terrible white people are, please dismount from your high horse. All races are racist. It is not a skin problem but a heart problem. My heart broke when a 17 year old young man was not cold in the ground before race baiters were making it an issue of black and white and drumming up hatred of the worst kind.
I love Jesus and thank God that red and yellow, black and white, they are all precious in His sight. Jesus loves the little children, young adults, median adults, and old people of the world. He died and shed his blood so that those who would surrender, in faith to Him could have a relationship with Him, be forgiven of their sins, and have eternal life.
I have prejudice in my heart, and so do you. The question is not, “Are we racists, classists, or sexists?” The question we should ask ourselves is, “HOW am I a racist, classist, or sexist?” As God exposes that wickedness or our hearts we must, in humble repentance, submit ourselves to God and ask Him to cleanse our wicked hearts and help us see people as He sees them.


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